Monthly Archives: July 2017

Baby R {Gardner, KS Photographer}

It’s always a lot of fun to photograph for friends, I was so excited to meet this sweet little guy. Unfortunately he was not a fan of sleeping but l was able to get a few shots in before calling it a day.

Baby J {Johnson County, KS Photographer}

Had a great time with this sweet little guy! Mom and dad came with some very cute ideas and l was so happy l was able to make their visions come true.

Baby C {Gardner, KS Photographer}

This little one kept me on my toes but after working my baby magic like crazy, I was able to finish up her session and get a special photo for daddy.

Baby H {Johnson County, KS Photographer}

I had a lot of fun dressing up this sweet little one and using all of my new vintage props. I have a deep love of vintage props!

Princess {Gardner, KS Photographer}

Oh my sweet little princess, seems like just yesterday you were a tiny baby in my arms. Now you are a 5yr old grown up girl who is headed off to kindergarten in the fall :(.

My babies 5 & 7 {Gardner, KS photographer}

I’m not sure who told my babies they could grow up but I’m not sure I am ready to have a 5 and 7yr old. Having a kiddo entering kindergarten and the other entering second grade is too much for this mama to handle. If only I could turn back time and slow it down a little bit.

Baby K {Johnson County, KS Photographer}

Newborns are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I love it when I get the chance to photograph with siblings and parents too. This little one is definitely well loved already.

Brielle 4 {Kansas City Photographer}

Oh sweet miss Brielle, l can’t believe you are already for. It’s strange that it has been 4 years since l first met you as a tiny sweet newborn. I love getting to watch all the babies grow that I meet when they are first born.