Knitting {Gardner, KS Photographer}

From the start of my business I was pretty much crafting for it. The deeper I got into photography, the more I did. I have enjoyed making banners to hang in the background of my photos and headbands for girls, I took it a bit further a few years ago when I learned to sew. I made a couple little quilts and learned how to make up-cycled outfits. One thing has always had my interest but I decided it had to be really hard, knitting. I love all the adorable knitted hats, outfits, blankets, etc that I see. My desire to be able to knit all these beautiful items I had been seeing was so great that l decided to just jump in with both feet. Not knowing who to turn to for help to teach me, I headed to youtube. To my surprise, I took to the basics of knitting pretty quickly. I still had it in the back of my brain that hats/bonnets were going to be super hard. I was able to talk with an experienced knitter at a specialty yarn shop and she got me in the right direction for what I wanted to learn. I went to youtube again and taught myself what l needed to know and made my first Newborn wrap. Another knitter sent me in a great learning direction and gave me great encouragement. I found a newborn bonnet pattern that looked easy enough and went for it. It worked out great and I have made it into the double digits with the amount of bonnets I have made. I have also made some layering blankets and wraps. This is something I am glad I decided to do. I love being able to add color and texture to my photos with the different layers and hats.

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