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Brielle 4 {Kansas City Photographer}

Oh sweet miss Brielle, l can’t believe you are already for. It’s strange that it has been 4 years since l first met you as a tiny sweet newborn. I love getting to watch all the babies grow that I meet when they are first born.

My Sweet Babies {Johnson County, KS Photographer}

When I started this photography journey 8 1/2 years ago, l didn’t realize how much I would grow to love it! I started before I had my own littles so I was delighted when my own sweet little models came along. They have definitely become 2 of my favorite subjects to photograph, even if my son isn’t as excited about it anymore. This past fall l finally did something l have been wanting to do for years, l made the trek to the Sunflower field out side of Lawrence. It was more beautiful than l could have ever imagined. We lucked out on a week night and just missed storm that was rolling in. Before I knew if we would make it out there, l took advantage of some of the beauty that was growing in our ‘own’ back yard. We had a nice patch of Blackeyed Susans that had sprung up. I can’t pass up a chance to dress up my sweet girl and take some pictures!